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Thermal Cures, Thalassotherapy and Spa ... Why not treat yourself ?

Cannes is a natural wellbeing destination thanks to its mild climate, the sunshine, the beauty of the landscape and its location on the Mediterranean coast. Because the sea is a living and beneficial element, Cannes gives you the chance to try these special treatments, rich in trace elements to restore your energy, muscle tone, inner-peace and calm.

You will also find lots of ways to revitalize your body or simply to relax, from fresh water treatments and massages to saunas and hammams, so you are sure to find the right treatment for you !


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Charte only Cannes

Only Cannes brand for establishments belonging to our quality and reliability charter, trust it to guide you; it will guarantee a warm welcome and a higher level of service at the right price. You can trust us and the list of addresses published by the Tourist Information Office will open up the best of Cannes to you.