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Cannes Culture

Cannes cultural life is not reduced to just the cinema. Many performances punctuate the events calendar from September to April, a season orchestrated by the Palais des Festivals. At the same time, exhibitions, cinema, painting, and sculpture are organized to complete the permanent collections of museums. Without forgetting the historical monuments which exalt the Cannes landscape with panache.

Cultural Season

Between September and April, the Palais des Festivals concocts a program of entertainment. This includes theater, dance, concerts, opera, humor or even magic that make up the cultural season "Sortir à Cannes". A very high quality of eclectic selection for 15 years.

From September to April

Alongside its its global reputation for the Cannes Film Festival and other international events, Cannes has also developed a rich programme of entertainment, leisure activities and festivities.

Not forgetting the top quality music schedule which helps to make Cannes a true cultural capital.

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During the Cannes Film Festival, the entire city is dedicated to the cinema. The exhibition "Cannes makes the wall" with its huge posters of movie stars, the walls painted to the effigy of other icons, and the open air cinema on the Beach Macé. During the year, painting and sculpture exhibitions put forward the artists who have expressed through their art the commitment to the Provence and Cannes. The most prestigious are those of La Malmaison which, three times a year exhibit the distinctive genius of modern painters such as Matisse and Picasso.


There are two large museums in Cannes. The Museum de la Castre in Le Suquet and the Sea Museum on Sainte-Marguerite Island. Sentinel of the bay of Cannes with its square tower, the Museum de la Castre houses rich collections that Baron Lycklama bequeathed to the city in 1877. Located in the Royal Fort, the Sea Museum is famous among others for the mural paintings of Jean Le Gac.

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Numerous mediaeval or more recent churches and chapels, religious buildings can be found in Cannes. The list of historical monuments is supplemented by around twenty more castles and villas, most of them located in the back-country.

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