Gastronomy in Cannes

Cannes Gastronomy

Sun, colors, flavors and coolness.

These are four words that exemplify Provencal gastronomy. You can add vegetables from the South and the sea food products basted with olive oil as well as a glass of rosé wine, and you have in front of you the typical plate from Cannes. Before being an explosion of taste in the mouth, the Mediterranean cuisine is like a painted palette inspired by this bright coast which is lively, joyful, and passionate where the yellow, the red and the green dominate on a blue Azur background. A simple crunchy salad is enough to awake the taste buds. Fish with some small stuffed vegetables makes you happy for the day. The friendly atmosphere is just as important as the plate contents. In Cannes you do not sit at a table just to eat, you sit to eat all together.

With more than 380 restaurants, Cannes offers a menu of many choices. Three star restaurants where refinement and creativity are at the service of the culinary art. A dozen of gastronomic restaurants, typical restaurants, bistros and tables on the sea side. The bay of Cannes is the exquisite setting for an unforgettable dinner. Stephen Liégeard, great lover of Cannes, who created the expression “Côte d’Azur” was inspired by the following sentence: “ The cuisine of Cannes is like a ray of sun on a sheet of blue sea”.

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