La Croisette

“The promenade of La Croisette is one of the most appreciated jewels of the city of Cannes. Linking the beach and the city, the Croisette is considered an attractive promenade par excellence

Written in 1943, these words still hold true today - the street has received the classification of “site pittoresque” and presents a true invitation for idleness as you take in the sights.

At the origin of the designation of this prestigious walk, is a Provençal name, “Crouseto” which means “little cross”. An oratory placed at the far end of the cape reminds visitors of the history of the pilgrims who embarked from this point for the island St. Honorat, attracted by the reputation for holiness of the monks of Lérins who lived there.

Croisette Cannes
La Croisette is a piece of land that has taken on the sea. At the beginning, it was little more than a dirt road, swept away by waves and storms, and surrounded by reeds and swamps. Sand dunes, some of which were more than 15m high, punctuated this landscape up to what is now Rue des Etats-Unis. After this point, up to the cape of the Palm Beach, it was seen as the world’s end, often named “the little Siberia” by the local fishermen.

In 1850, to satisfy the rich clients who came here for the winter season, the city had to install a decent promenade along the shore. Thus, the construction of the famous Croisette was launched.

In 1874 the Boulevard opened up for traffic up to Rue Zamenhoff. However, it was not until after 1890 that it was finally extended to the end of the cape.


Croisette shopping
In 1960, the Croisette promenade had remained more or less identical in construcion to when it was first built, during the second empire. In order to install a double lane for the traffic while preserving neerby green spaces and the sandy beaches, some artificial beaches were created.

Those beaches were later enlarged and, with the help of corbelled construction, provided 10 meters more for the creation of a true walkable promenade that included restaurants along the shore.

Today, at more than 3km long, the Croisette presents a diversified sidewalk where mythic hotels meet Casinos, stores of well-known brands, sandy beaches, a rose garden, the new harbor, Pierre Canto and tree-shaded gardens.

La Croisette Cannes


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