Cannes Shopping

Cannes Shopping & Markets

As an important touristic destination Cannes is also a great location for shopping.

Cannes is worldwide renowned for its shopping. The most prestigious brands are on display at the shops in Cannes.

Cannes Shopping Streets

Cannes has its shopping as the Palais des Festivals has its stairs. It is inescapable! The flagship location for shopping is La Croisette. With the many hotels, this Boulevard is the signature of Cannes, and is also the location of the haute couture shops and the deluxe clothing shops. Parallel to the Croisette the street of Antibes is more diversified, there are fashion boutiques, interior design shops, and tea salons. Between the Croisette and the street of Antibes, there is the “Carré d’Or” with jewelry shops and chic bars. Not very far, the street of Etats Unis also a deluxe place. More convivial, the street Meynadier, a pedestrian street which is an extension to Le Suquet neighborhood , is the historic street for the shops in Cannes. In Cannes La Bocca the shopping is blooming under the sun only 50 meters from the beach du Midi.

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