Cannes Maritime

Cannes Maritime

The richness of Cannes is also its maritime. Under a sky of unalterable azur, the former fisherman village has become a world-renowned seaside resort and is gazing its reflection in the silvery waters of the bay. Jewels of the French Riviera, the Lérins Islands are a world apart, far from the cinematographic splendors of the Croisette. Enjoy a boat ride to Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat to discover the other facet of Cannes. Let us guide you.

The Lérins Islands

Since the Quai Laubeuf, Sainte-Marguerite is the first of the Lérins Islands. Almost entirely covered with a forest of Aleppo pines and green oaks, it retains a few historical relics in the Royal Fort, which today houses the Sea Museum. Hemmed of beaches and furrowed of shaded paths, it offers a dimension adventure for a stay in Cannes. Famous since the Middle Age for the spiritual influence of his abbey, Saint-Honorat is the smaller of the two. Inhabited by a community of Cistercian monks, it lives in the rhythm of the seasons, barely disturbed by the visits of tourists and by the regular visits of the Cannes inhabitants, who like to enjoy a moment of pure serenity only 15 minutes away from the Croisette.

The Guided Visits

 Guided visits are organized in Saint-Honorat by the laics under the supervision of the monks. It gives a good meaning to your visit and it is an opportunity to better appreciate the richness of the island. The visit of the fortified monastery is free. Located in the oldest part of the Royal Fort of Sainte-Marguerite, the sea Museum is a museum of archeology sub-marine and terrestrial. You also have the possibility to visit the prisons where illustrious prisoners were in jail, among them the mysterious man in the Iron Mask. The marked trails by the National Office of Forests guide you through this jewel of biodiversity a few minutes away from Cannes.

The Boat Trips

Several maritime companies organize departures from the quai Laubeuf  to Sainte-Marguerite. However the boat trip to Saint-Honorat is only organized by the Planaria Company managed by the monks of the abbey of the island.

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